The story of the 47 Rōnin is a well loved part of Japanese history, one of loyalty and justice. To
Living in Japan is wonderful but the actual process of moving here is often a long and somewhat complicated. I
Can you imagine the crisp breeze that makes the leaves rustle, grass moving like a gentle green sea, the birds
I told The Hoosband I wanted a Kirobo Mini the second I saw a video on Facebook (I think?) and
I'm an avid Quora reader. My feed is mainly Japan related questions and they always have me thinking about my
    I'm a big fan of Takashi Murakami since I discovered modern art (I studied arts in high school
Time to gather around the yagura (raised stage), follow the rhythm of the taiko drum, watch and learn the steps
For the last week there has been a Pokemon fever in Japan, as the annual Pikachu Outbreak has painted Yokohama
Yesterday we attended Toro Nagashi, the Paper Lantern Floating event in which candle-lit lanterns with handwritten messages are set afloat to
We're back from our holidays in the Japanese countryside! We went to Hakone for 3 complete days plus 2 traveling