My Photography + Video Gear: What I use to Insta, Blog & Vlog.
This was very much requested and I finally got myself to do it! Here’s my main photo and video gear,
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Akihabara Tour with Magical Trip Japan!
Akihabara Anime & Game Tour with Magical Trip Japan!
Akihabara is arguably one of the most vibrant, crazy and fun places in Tokyo. A visitor’s long time favorite, the
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November Thoughts.
Why yes, I accidentally skipped the October Thoughts post. I’m only human, although I have a mighty bunny heart that beats
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Irasshaimase! Isekai Izakaya Collaboration Restaurant at Samurai Hostel Asakusa
Irasshaimase! “Isekai Izakaya Nobu” Pop-Up Restaurant at Samurai Hostel Asakusa
Come through the noren, slide open the wooden door and step into the heart-warming culinary world of Isekai Izakaya Nobu.
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A matsuri in the most traditional district in Tokyo: Yanaka.
A Matsuri in Tokyo’s Most Traditional District: Yanaka
Yanaka (谷中)district is tough and old. One of the few parts of Tokyo that has survived both wars and natural
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Off the beaten path: EHIME, JAPAN.
You definitely need more than five days to fully enjoy everything Ehime has to offer! But, as a guideline, here
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Final Fantasy Yoshitaka Amano Exhibition Final Fantasy Yoshitaka Amano Exhibition
Magical! The World of FINAL FANTASY and Yoshitaka Amano Exhibition.
I recently went to the Yoshitaka Amano Exhibition in Sunshine City Mall, Ikebukuro. Here are my pictures and thoughts! If
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Immigration in Japan: facts and thoughts.
Let’s talk about immigration in Japan. I want to keep the first part of this post neutral, so before I
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Marine Day Celebration in Odaiba
Simply beautiful: Marine Day (Ocean’s Day) Celebration in Odaiba!
  Marine Day is a Japanese national holiday celebrated on the third Monday of July. Japan is an Island nation
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September Thoughts Bunnytokyo
September Thoughts
I can’t believe we’re in October already! I DEMAND to know where all the September days went! That and my
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