My two terrible Tokyo clinic experiences
Today I want to share with you a couple of bad experiences I've had with doctors while living in Japan.
Card Captor Sakura The Enchanted Art Museum Exhibition in Roppongi, Tokyo.
Earlier this year,  Mori Art Center Gallery had a new exhibition that made all Sakura, Tomoyo and Kero fans really happy!
The Demon Possession Japanese Festival: Shujo-Onie.
In most parts of Japan, 鬼 (Oni- demons) are not venerated. It's no surprise, however, keeping in mind how these
Sakura Wonderland: Flowers By Naked Exhibition in Tokyo
Flowers by Naked is an interactive exhibition that surrounds you with digital and real blossoms for an immersive floral experience
Today I want to share with you five great Japanese items that I love using daily and I recommend to
Before we dive into the topic, a little bit of context: In the year 2010, the Japan Tourism Agency set
Christmas In Japan Bunnytokyo
Don't we love a brand new year ahead of us! December came and went and it was awesome! As I
This was very much requested and I finally got myself to do it! Here's my main photo and video gear,
Akihabara Tour with Magical Trip Japan!
Akihabara is arguably one of the most vibrant, crazy and fun places in Tokyo. A visitor's long time favorite, the
Why yes, I accidentally skipped the October Thoughts post. I'm only human, although I have a mighty bunny heart that beats