Discover the new Attack on Titan Final Exhibition in Tokyo!! Video and all the photos and info.
Tokyo Dome Amusement Park
You know I think Tokyo is the most entertaining city in the world, and to further prove my point I
I'm writing this Seoul post sitting on my sofa with a pounding headache and a very close box of tissues.
Five things I wish Reiwa Era will bring.
It's a new Era. No, really! On May 1st the new Reiwa Era ( 令和 ) officially started , after
Tokyo Hanami 2019 - Inokashira Park
Who misses Sakura flowers? I do, I do. Although at a point of the Hanami they do start to look
Eight Free Sakura Wallpapers for your phone!
It's that time of the year again! Hanami season is pretty much over in Tokyo but that doesn't mean you
Tokyo Hanami 2019: Kinuta Park
The secret's out: Kinuta Park has the best sakura in Tokyo. And that is just FACTS. While Naka-Meguro has the
Tokyo Hanami 2019: Naka-Meguro
EVERYONE loves the sakura in Naka-Meguro. EVERYONE. No exceptions. That's why it doesn't really matter how you want to try
Tokyo Hanami 2019: Shinjuku Gyoen
Come with me to Shinjuku Gyoen National Park, a sakura paradise in which 1500 cherry blossom trees are currently blooming
Only in Oita Bunnytokyo
What do Japanese artsists, demon possesions and korean princesses have in common? Oita prefecture! Situated in Japan's Kyūshū island, Oita