I’m Elsa, a Mass Media Communicator and Production Technician with a passion for photography and content creation,  based in Tokyo, Japan.


I was born in Spain, finished my master’s in Ireland, and lived in Germany and the United Kingdom before calling Tokyo home, which was my dream since I was a child.

I finally came here first on my honeymoon and couldn’t stop thinking about Japan ever since! After visiting it three times, we figured out it would be easier to just move to Tokyo.

I live here with my amazing husband (also known as The Husbun), my extremely intelligent dog and adorable bunny.


Japan is my muse!

I create beautiful and fun content that brings Tokyo and Japan closer to my amazing, international community.

I also do reviews of services, businesses, products and events in which I offer my opinion plus high quality media to illustrate it.

I want to share my Japan with the world.


I love photography and video creation. I admire all forms of visual communication,  but I also believe in the power of words. I try to combine all to really connect with Japan-passionate people.

I write mainly in English but I can also speak (native) Spanish and basic (but improving) Japanese.


Do you know a great business in Tokyo or Japan that you want featured on my platforms? A cool cafe? Awesome festival? Beautiful hotel?

Let me know and let’s work together!

Send me an email:

[email protected]

Thank you for stopping by!

Hope to hear from you.