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Attack On Titan Final Exhibition walkthrough + VLOG!

Welcome to the new Attack On Titan Final Exhibition!

I think it’s safe to say that Attack on Titan ( 進撃の巨人)has gradually become an international phenomenon on its own. The manga by the talented Hajime Isayama has been running for ten years now, although the fame really exploded, overseas too, in 2013 with the popular anime.

Attack on Titan Final Exhibition Bunnytokyo
The Survey Corps await at the entrance.

Season three has just finished and it has been announced that the fourth season will also be, unfortunately, the last 😭 . To celebrate the tenth year run, the upcoming final season, plus all the accomplishments of Attack on Titan up to date, Mori Tower Museum is holding the Attack On Titan Final Exhibition.

I attended the event on the first week, ready to vlog and blog it for you! Here’s the video, do check it out for exclusive, never shown clips. Caution: If you’re not up to date with Attack on Titan you might find spoilers!!

Let’s walk through Attack on Titan Final Exhibition together!

Once you’ve passed the heavy, wooden entrance door, guarded by a survey corps member, a video introduction awaits you. Video and audio are all Japanese only, but there’s are English translations of written texts across the exhibition.

You’re left with a choice then. Will you choose to start your journey inside or outside the walls? I was feeling a bit adventurous so decided to join the fight from outside the walls. You can’t go to the area you didn’t choose- it will remain a secret (unless you visit again!).

While you walk through the exhibition you can enjoy both original pages of the manga and over sized scenes of the series displayed on the walls, in which you can see the talent and effort behind Attack on Titan up close while fully immersing in the experience.

Eventually, you’ll reach the Titan room that, well, you need to see:

Yes I have to say I was a bit nervous standing there under a heavy rain of titans but it was cool nevertheless!!

In this room, you can find a display with the information and background on the deviant titans that was really interesting!! Unfortunately it was in Japanese only.

Moving forward, the next room in Attack On Titan Final will bring you inside the walls for an epic battle.

Wall Rose has been breached and the future of Paradis is at stake again. You’ll witness the fight between the attack titan and the armored titan, from the ruins of the battlefield. The curved screen is super long, covering the whole wall, and the sound and music surrounds you making it a very entertaining experience! I watched it at least three or four times.

Scattered in the rubble, there are items belonging to some of the Attack on Titan characters. Click to enlarge the pictures, do you recognize any? 🥔

On the next area, you can get a little bit closer to your favorite characters and revisit their stories, concerns and motivations.

It’s a good opportunity to recap all you know about the Survey Corps and other key characters in Attack on Titan. It was a great chance for me to spend some quality time with fictional husbando too:

But I know Levi is the absolute favorite so here he is!

Last, but not least, the final room of the Attack On Titan Final Exhibition is reserved for the artist and mind behind it all, Hajime Isayama:

This room is completely covered from floor to ceiling with sketches, pages and character design sheets by the mangaka. So much talent.

Before leaving, you can enjoy the video interview in which Isayama-San talks fondly of the past 10 years, how he struggled and enjoyed the process of Attack on Titan and how he’s ready to give it a worthy end. According to himself:

You will suffer with the end of Attack On Titan.

Our bodies are not ready.

He may look harmless but will make you cry.

As usual, there’s a gift shop at the end of the exhibition, in which you can buy basically, anything SNK. I got a couple things, you can see them on the vlog up there (or just click here)

Here’s all the condensed info:


WHEN? Friday, July 5, 2019 to Sunday, September 8, 2019. 10:00 to 20:00, last entry 19:00.

HOW MUCH? 200 Yen per person

WHERE? Mori Arts Center Gallery
(52F Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, 
Minato-ku, Tokyo)

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Are you an Attack on Titan Fan? Who’s your favorite Titan?

Love from Japan,

Bunnytokyo 🐰♥️

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