Tokyo Dome Amusement Park
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Tokyo Dome is awesome and you should visit it! (It’s free!)

You know I think Tokyo is the most entertaining city in the world, and to further prove my point I want to show you Tokyo Dome Amusement Park!

Tokyo Dome - An Amusement Park in the middle of Tokyo.


Probably one of the best places for a date, for much less money than Disneyland, Tokyo Dome is conveniently placed in the heart of Tokyo.


Entrance is 100% free. As a matter of fact we were in the area for the Mamoru Hosoda exhibition and then decided to check the amusement park out.

You may already know Tokyo Dome, the landmark stadium with the unique roof that is supported by pressure difference! The amusement park is placed right around it.


The whole area is beautiful, with stores, restaurants, cinema, fountains, etc. It makes for a nice stroll even if you’re not interested in amusement park rides!

Tokyo Dome Amusement Park counts with +10 family-friendly rides plus some other activity areas, mostly for children.

Tokyo Dome - An Amusement Park in the middle of Tokyo.

But the stars of the park are the roller coaster, Thunder Dolphin (1030¥)and the centerless ferris wheel -the first one in the world- the Big O (820¥).

By the way, it has karaoke gondolas with English songs available. The ride lasts only 15min though so don’t get too carried away singing and forget to enjoy the view!

Tokyo Dome - An Amusement Park in the middle of Tokyo.

As for food and drink, there are plenty of restaurants around but we decided to share a Pokemon crepe. It seemed amusement park- appropriate. I don’t even like chocolate mint ice cream, but oh the cuteness. Why do people chocolate mint, by the way, it is like the weirdest match ever!?

We walked around taking pictures and discovering the place, and before we decided which ride to get in, it was already time to go home!

So, for our next visit, do you think we should try the roller coaster Thunder Dolphin? Looks pretty scary! 😅

Love from Japan,

Bunnytokyo 🐰♥️

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