Seoul,  South Korea

Three Nights in Seoul

I’m writing this Seoul post sitting on my sofa with a pounding headache and a very close box of tissues. *sad face*

Apparently, I can’t catch a flight without getting some kind of cold within 48h of stepping down the plane. It’s been a couple rough days and I’m missing so much the relaxing time I spent in Seoul being lazy but most importantly, HEALTHY.

This was my second time in South Korea, a favorite destination of mine since I find it so cheap in comparison with Japan dog-friendly travel!! The flights, hotels and food are quite affordable and it’s quite close to Tokyo.

However all we save in going to Korea we spend in hotels for the furbabies so I don’t know anymore. 😅

On the first trip we covered most of the sightseeing spots we wanted to see, and I even made a little vlog for you! Here it is.

I’m making a video for this trip too but you’ll need to wait a bit for my nose to be unblocked again so I can record the voice over – please subscribe to my channel meanwhile and enjoy the rest of my videos!!

(Bonus: Watch my Seoul IG Stories here)

In this second visit we focused on strolling, shopping and cute cafes. I intentionally chose Seoul for our holidays so we could relax and not get all camera crazy walking 25km per day hitting all the sightseeing spots. (Guilty
🙌  )

We stayed in the G2 Hotel Myeongdong, which is conveniently situated near the shopping street with the same name. Our room was spacious, clean, comfortable and quiet. Loved it!

We spent mos of our time in Myeongdong, Gangnam, Hongdae and the Hongik University area.

We also went to Bukchon Hanok Village again just to add some culture to the trip (although we already went there the first time… it’s gorgeous anyway so it was a pleasure to come back!)

It may look like it was not absolutely packed from my pictures but trust me, it was!! 😶 

I love how quirky and fun Seoul is! The cafe scene is incredible, with hundreds of adorable, sleek, classy and colorful places to choose from. And they are way ahead on the vegetarian/vegan department too, which is great! At least compared to Japan, there are so many plant-based restaurants. I ate only vegetarian, mostly vegan throughout all my stay!

Gyerangbbang, Seoul’s famous street food egg bread.

Special mention to Plant, the vegan restaurant/cafe/bakery with a crazy delicious all vegan menu.

I also loved eating at Colline in Hongdae, half cafe, half flower shop; which is not strictly vegetarian but does have some veggie dishes and a focus on healthy food.

Seoul knows how to do desserts and coffee too! I especially liked stopping at Humming Bella and Billy Angel Cake for an afternoon snack.

Humming Bella Hongdae
Billy Angel Cake Myeongdong

When we weren’t eating, we were walking around enjoying the super nice weather and colorful streets of Seoul. April/May is such a great time to travel, isn’t it!!

And of course just taking pictures and doing some shopping was so fun and relaxing for us! Probably more for me than the Husbun though!

Seoul is a really fun destination, very English-friendly and easy to explore. I hope to be back soon!!

Have you ever been to Seoul? How was it?

Love from Japan,

Bunnytokyo 🐰♥️

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