Tokyo Hanami 2019 - Inokashira Park
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Tokyo Hanami 2019: Inokashira Park

Who misses Sakura flowers? I do, I do.

Tokyo Hanami 2019 - Inokashira Park

Although at a point of the Hanami they do start to look a bit the same (as my friend Kay says, “like popcorn”), I think that Inokashira never looks better than during full sakura bloom.

Tokyo Hanami 2019 - Inokashira Park

Only comparable to when it’s covered in snow! I still remember winter 2017… walking through snow-covered Inokashira on my way to one of my favorite cafes in Tokyo (before they changed the menu & staff and broke my heart).

Tokyo Hanami 2019 - Inokashira Park
Snow-covered Inokashira

Anyhow. Inokashira park is one of my favorite parks in Tokyo next to Shinjuku Gyoen. The main reason is that Kichijoji, the area where the park is placed, is really charming. But also, Haruki Murakami jogs in this park. So every time I go to Inokashira, I not so secretly hope running into him.

Note to self, bring my copy of Norweigan Wood with me next time. You never know, Bunny. You never know.

One of the biggest attractions of Inokashira it’s the huge pond! The sakura trees fall over it beautifully creating a stunning scene.

Tokyo Hanami 2019 - Inokashira Park

By the way please remember that the urban legend says that if you ride a swan boat with your partner here you will break up. Whichever your intentions are, it’s important to keep that in mind.

Tokyo Hanami 2019 - Inokashira Park

Inokashira Park is the chosen place for many to practice hanami in the full sense of the term: blue tarp, food, alcohol, singing… The park welcomes thousands of hanami enthusiasts every year that stay after dark, although the park security does disperse the people after 8:00 pm I believe.

Inokashira Park is always worth it but if you’re planning on coming to Tokyo during the Hanami, it’s definitely on my top five places to experience this whole sakura craziness. Be ready to share the view with lots of people, though! Patience is key. Sigh

This was part four of my five part series of Tokyo Hanami 2019! Don’t forget to see my videos as well!!

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