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Top 5 Japanese Self-Care products that are AWESOME!

Today I want to share with you five great Japanese items that I love using daily and I recommend to all my friends. Not sponsored in any shape or form, by the way! Let’s get to it.


Curel Moisture Gel-Lotion (Around 1400¥)

If you have sensitive or reactive skin you will love this lotion! The whole Curel line is designed for sensitive skin that doesn’t do well with strong fragrances or formulas. The search for a good body milk/lotion in Japan can be disheartening and I found myself longing for the never-ending European options many times. In the end, I gave up and just tried this Curel Moisture Gel-Lotion which ticks every box for me: no fragrance, nicely moisturizing, doesn’t leave a sticky feeling. And the best, of course: no allergies, breakouts, or redness. Yay! You can buy it pretty much at any drugstore in Tokyo.

Top 5 Japanese Self-Care products that are AWESOME!

Fujiko Pon Pon Powder (Around 2000¥)

Speaking of disheartening searches, know that dry shampoo is kind of a new concept in Japan. My first two years living here there were literally no dry shampoos and I just begged my friends and family to bring/send me Batiste cans. Recently Japan caught up and now more brands of dry shampoo are finally emerging. This Fujiko Pon Pon Powder caught my eye as it is really travel-friendly! The concept is similar to B&B Pret a Powder or Lush’s Dry Shampoo, but it comes with a pompom that you just tap on your roots. It takes longer to apply than Batiste but it does work and you can bring it on the plane! It also lasts a looooong time.  I buy it from Amazon.jp but you can find it in some drugstores.

Top 5 Japanese Self-Care products that are AWESOME!

Loretta Happy Morning Rose Spray. (Around 1500¥)

This multitasking, rose-infused spray can be used on skin and hair. It’s a lightly moisturizing mist that can be used as a toner on skin or to fix a bed head! I use it in the mornings before I apply my skincare products, and also after I wash my face in the evenings as a toner. On my hair, I use it to dampen and style again my bangs or any weird waves I get from sleeping or tying my hair up. It’s really refreshing to use all over especially in summer! But it’s an staple of mine all year long. The fragrance is really faint and doesn’t linger. I usually buy it from Amazon.jp but some stores carry it too.

Top 5 Japanese Self-Care products that are AWESOME!

Mieufa Sunscreen (around 1200¥)

This sunscreen is my absolute favorite of all Japanese sunscreens. I love everything about it: chic packaging, easy to bring around, super fine mist, high SPF, suitable for skin and hair. It doesn’t leave any kind of residue so it’s great for touch ups too. This sunscreen comes in a variety of fragrances and they all smell great! Anyhow I just bought the “clear” version (unscented) recently so I can spray it on The Husbun without him complaining a lot. Boy he dislikes sunscreen but safety first! I have only seen Mieufa at Amazon.jp and some Ainz Tulpe drugstores.

Top 5 Japanese Self-Care products that are AWESOME!

Japanese Q Tips

You are probably wondering WTH but Japanese q-tips are exceptionally good. Despite me not using them in the expected way –there’s some research out there saying that cleaning your ears with Q tips is actually counter-productive- I still use them everyday! They are denser and sturdier than other cotton buds, and that makes them perfect to correct make up mistakes likes smudged mascara, or crooked eyeliner if you’re like me and can never get matching flicks on the first try!  These little guys don’t really pill away so I use them for treating small cuts and wounds, and even to clean some appliances (like the tricky hair dryer filters). Love them! You can find them literally anywhere, probably for 100¥ or less.

Top 5 Japanese Self-Care products that are AWESOME!

Top 5 Japanese Self-Care products that are AWESOME!
Drogo seal of approval. 
What bout you? Do you have a Japanese product you can’t live without? Share it with me in the comments!
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