Christmas In Japan Bunnytokyo
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December Thoughts

Don’t we love a brand new year ahead of us!

December came and went and it was awesome! As I told you on my previous November thoughts, I stayed in Tokyo for New Years, for the first time. That means I could really enjoy and get an idea of Christmas in Japan.

Similar and different, Christmas here means shopping, temples, shrines and…fried chicken. If I have to choose, I like my good old regular Christmas better. Meeting friends and family over food is just unbeatable. I missed my loved ones last month, but our Japan-based friends and of course my little family of four made up for it. Cheers!

Christmas In Japan Bunnytokyo

Christmas In Japan Bunnytokyo

On Christmas day we skipped the heavy lunch and went for an Alice in Wonderland afternoon tea instead. The views were awesome and the afternoon tea was adorable and quite delicious too!

Speaking of views, in December Tokyo Skytree held a Dragon Ball event on the tallest deck. And I was there because I love me some DB, especially in the tallest tower in the world!

And for New Year’s Eve, we did Hatsumode for the first time. As soon as the clock ticked 00:00, we grabbed our coats and went out to join the rest of the people at the temple. I’m happy I got to experience this tradition!

The cold finally kicked in during December and I embraced it as I am, and will ever be house Stark of Winterfell. You know some places in Spain are freaking cold too, despite the sunny Spain stereotype. As for my andalusian Husbun, he does what he can. No snow yet in Tokyo though, but fret not: if a single snowflake drops I will be SO THERE ready to share it with you.

Christmas In Japan Bunnytokyo

I think I was good on 2018 because Santa brought me an Osmo Pocket to join my photo & video team. I love it so much! It has already kissed the floor in the streets of YongenSangen-Jaya but the little guy is tough as it’s cute so it survived. phew I really need to stop throwing my gear around. New Year’s resolution, maybe?

Christmas In Japan Bunnytokyo

As for January, my favorite month in the year, I’m thinking trips, my birthday, and lots of new content and adventures.

Let’s make the best out of 2019 together!

With love from Japan,



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