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November Thoughts.

Why yes, I accidentally skipped the October Thoughts post. I’m only human, although I have a mighty bunny heart that beats waaaay too fast. Really. I had to cut my caffeine intake and everything. Anyhow…

November thoughts
Probably thinking about all the coffees I have to cut down.

December is here!! Welcome to one of my favorite months of the year! Since well, forever, I’ve loved Christmas. Neither The Husbun or myself are Christians – although we were raised in Christian families- but we cherish this magical time of the year. Not only the aesthetics but also the chance to meet family and friends, and sometimes get a tattoo afterwards taking advantage of the extra cushioning due to the happy one or two kilos one gains during the holidays. True story.


November thoughts
I went to Ginza Iwa and I still daydream about it.


This year however will be a little different as we will be spending our very first Tokyo Christmas. We’ve decided to stay home for once, and I’m a little excited and a little sad. Excited for the newness, sad for missing my F&F. But you know, you have to do sacrifices like this when you decide to move 10.600 km away from your country. 🤷‍♀️

November thoughts

The Christmas Tree at Artnia 🙂

However we did receive very special visits during November. Our friend Basti came all the way from Germany and enjoyed Tokyo for the first time. He went all out and chose to stay in Akihabara (can you blame him!) and we showed him around for the few days he was here. It was really nice witnessing him discover the beautiful madness Tokyo is, with new eyes. We had a blast coming and going, buying otaku stuff and eating a little too much Genki Sushi.

An then, my in-laws came and the tides changed. Not that I don’t want to wow Basti but boy, two Spanish 50-somethings in Japan, for the first time, for a week, without any English knowledge...challenge accepted! And I wanted it to be like THE BEST TRIP EVERRRR for them. So I called my knowledgeable friends for restaurant recommendations, reviewed my Japanese grammar and showed them the sheer gloriousness of Tokyo. It was a very complete week and they did have a blast here. In return, we were showered with chocolate turron, Sephora stuff and delicious canned food. And love, duh.

November thoughts
Le wild in-laws enjoying the views to Odaiba
November thoughts
And Setagaya Hachimangu!

Oh, I have to mention that in November we went to Seoul, South Korea. It was short, sweet and spicy. I did a vlog afterwards and you probably have seen it by now, but here it is again because it’s my first official vlog and I’m half proud half surprised that I finally did one!


I’m already plotting the next adventure, as January brings my birthday and that means… winter trip! It’s gonna be hard to do better than last year though! But let’s not get too excited for the future and forget to enjoy the now. Tokyo is determined to make December magical and I’ll be right here to share it with you. 

With love from Japan,





🎄 🎄 🎄 PS. I want to give you a special Christmas gift this year. For the 12 days of Christmas (from the 25th of December to the 5th of January) I will post a new Japan wallpaper for your phone each day! As usual, all original photos taken by me. I hope you enjoy them and don’t forget to show me your screenshots if you you use them. Keep an eye on my Instagram Stories. 🎄🎄🎄 Here’s  sneak-peek!

November thoughts

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