Marine Day Celebration in Odaiba
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Simply beautiful: Marine Day (Ocean’s Day) Celebration in Odaiba!


Marine Day is a Japanese national holiday celebrated on the third Monday of July. Japan is an Island nation and because of that, the ocean has been and is of vital importance to the Japanese. In Marine Day people thank the ocean for all it provides. 

Marine Day Celebration in Odaiba

For this year’s Marine Day celebration we made it t0 the man-made isle of Odaiba, south Tokyo. Odaiba beach (in which is forbidden to swim BTW) had everything ready for an epic sunset and celebration event. Hundreds of colorful paper lanterns awaited to be lit up while people around them enjoyed beer, food and a gorgeous Rainbow Bridge view.

Marine Day Celebration in Odaiba

Marine Day Celebration in Odaiba

The Marine Day lanterns do not go in the sea unlike Toro Nagashi, but just stay in the sand for the viewing pleasure of everyone.  It makes a beautiful and unique view, and the atmosphere is just magical. People sitting around in tiny picnics, enjoying the show and having snacks with friends. So nice, and completely free!

The lanterns are displayed in Odaiba Beach both the evening before Marine Day and the day itself. So you have two opportunities to check it out! From 18h to 22h.

After enjoying this beautiful display for a while, we left our spot to other people and walked around Odaiba. Our spanish friends were in town and they loved the stroll. Lately is super hot in Tokyo but nights are so pleasant! I think it was a perfect last night in Japan for them. There are a lot of things to do in Odaiba, like seeing Tokyo’s Statue of Liberty and admiring the Rainbow Bridge. Also, of course, eating, drinking, shopping or even visiting the new TeamLab Borderless Exhibition!

Here’s all the condensed info:

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