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September Thoughts

I can’t believe we’re in October already!

I DEMAND to know where all the September days went! That and my money… but I have to blame the new clothing collections for that.

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with September for as long as I remember . When I was younger, going back to school was both a happy and a hated moment. Yay friends, booh school, you get me. But now that I’m blissfully old(er) and my school days are mostly -ahem Japanese classes- behind me, I kinda love September. 

September Thoughts Bunnytokyo
Stepping into Autumn like…


September is change. Change of pace, of objectives, of clothes and change of weather. Fine, we might be still getting temperatures of+25C in Tokyo but damn sure I took all my boots out already. And I’ve started the painful process of cleaning my Fall clothes. I say “started” because this is no small quest and for sure I have no idea when I’ll be done with it. Probably on June 2019. sigh

Tokyo is embracing Autumn and it is not afraid of flaunting its love for the season. Momiji is still not… well, anywhere but we have had a plethora of Halloween decor and candy options in stores for a while!

September Thoughts Bunnytokyo

Although, to be honest, I did see some reddish momiji on my flash trip to Ome. That’s all. But it will come for sure, and I’ll be there with my cameras, ready to share it with you.

September Thoughts Bunnytokyo
Is that you, Momiji?

Anyway if you thought we didn’t have any weather fun so far, don’t forget our typhoon craze. I’m not even shocked anymore. I just go home ASAP and proceed to say “ooooh” and “aaah” at the devilish winds, from the comfort of my sofa. I wish they would stop already though, Japan is a strong country but COME ON STAHP IT ALREADY MOTHER NATURE.

Speaking of nature, I went to the idyllic Japanese countryside in September, and I will go again in October. I’m always happy to explore Japan and I’m very looking forward it. The slow, inaka life is not for me long term but boy I love it in small doses.

September Thoughts Bunnytokyo

September went by and with that, we’ve been officially married for 4 years. The trick to a happy marriage is – I get this question a lot– to marry the right person. I’m sorry I have no better advice! All I know is that I could not be as happy as I am now if I wasn’t married to The Husbun. So to celebrate our happiness we ate a giant ball of chocolate. Soon to be featured on my new Tokyo Food + Drink Insta account.

Cheers to the newness of September! (Especially the new games!).

I’m hoping you had a wonderful month and you’re ready for all the good things coming in October. Talk to you soon~

With love from Japan,




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