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Tokyo Game Show 2018 – Photos, video and thoughts!

Like last year, I recently attended Tokyo Game Show 2018 and had a blast. Here are my thoughts about it! (Video is here!!)

This was my second time going to Tokyo Game Show, one of the biggest video-game events worldwide!For 4 exciting days, almost 300.000 attendees arrived at Makuhari-Messe to enjoy a sneak-peek of the upoming games. I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore gamer but I do enjoy playing PS4 and Switch! And right now The Husbun and I are very much immersed in the depths of Divinity Original Sin II. Couples that co-op together…slay together. :p

For 4 exciting days, almost 300.000 attendees came to Makuhari-Messe to enjoy a sneak-peek of the upoming games. 

As usual the powerhouses were at Tokyo Game Show 2018 with their awaited games ready to taste.

Tokyo Game Show 2018 - Photos, video and thoughts!

From Square Enix I could try the new Kingdom Hearts and I enjoyed it! I wouldn’t want to unveil any spoilers but everyone I talked to seemed to like it as well. Square Enix also brought their classic Final Fantasy XIV booth as well, now very focused on the Monster Hunter crossover.

Tokyo Game Show 2018 - Photos, video and thoughts!
Probably the most awaited game this year at Tokyo Game Show 2018!

As for Capcom,  I tried the super awaited Biohazard RE:2! It took me a couple tries to get the hang of it and it did get my adrenaline pumping. It was probably one of the most loved games at Tokyo Game Show 2018. I thought that the booth with the zombies breaking havoc at the Raccoon City Police station was so cool!

Speaking of dark-ish games, I was so excited to see the new Devil May Cry! It was honestly looking great (both the real-sized Nero and the gameplay… sorry Husbun). The line to try the game was very long but the videos looked so promising!

It’s always fun to take some goofy pictures at the photo-spots, especially with D and Mr. Norman Reedus himself (a girl can dream!) that was there promoting Death Stranding. By the way Hideo Kojima attended Tokyo Game Show 2018 to present the trailer for the very awaited game!

I can’t wait for Death Stranding! Are you excited about it too?

They guys from Atlus were at Tokyo Game Show 2018 as well, giving the spotlight to the new PersonaQ2 and Catherine: Full body. Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth arrives in Japan in November and has proven to be very popular with the Persona fandom. As for Catherine: Full body, it attracted quite a lot of attention a well! If you’re not familiar with this game, it’s a remake of Catherine (2011) an unconventional romantic horror story game. This new version promises even more…depth. 

Tokyo Game Show 2018 was very entertaining!! Being able to go on the Press Day made it a lot easier to actually try the games despite the waiting lines. I could enjoy some of the VR games too and I’m gladly surprised about how the technology getting so much better! A pleasant game and no dizziness afterwards… they may convert me to VR in the end! 

Which new games are you excited about?

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