Karuizawa Marriott Hotel
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Karuizawa Marriott Hotel: Dog friendly accommodation with in-room onsen! (Not Spon).

For our Karuizawa holidays we booked a few nights at Karuizawa Marriott Hotel. Our main reasons to book this hotel were its dog-friendly policy and having our own private onsen in the room. We booked the King Cottage Room for three nights but after that we had to downsize due to unavailability. This review is for the King Cottage Room, but for information purposes just keep in mind the other room had pretty much the same features but smaller.

Karuizawa Marriott Hotel (link) is based in Naka-Karuizawa, one train stop distance from Karuizawa station. There is a free bus from the hotel to Naka-Karuizawa station at various times daily. We paid around 70.000¥ per night, breakfast included.

The room is very comfortable, spacious, and it was kept very clean during our stay. Please keep in mind our black dog is shedding so it was no small task! The bed was big and cozy and the large windows and wide TV were definitely enjoyable.

The star of the room, however, was the private onsen! It was big enough to fit two people, and the stone style tub felt so satisfying.

You can’t change the water temperature and it’s kind of hot, so we showered in colder water and opened the windows to let the fresh Karuizawa breeze in. The contrast of hot water and cooler air is very relaxing.

The private onsen was big enough to fit two people, and the stone style tub felt so satisfying.

Karuizawa Marriott Hotel has a whole wing for people that travel with dogs, which is absolutely great. Inside the room, there is a selection of doggy items (bags, lint roller, bowls, etc) which was thoughtful! In this particular room, there’s a fenced area in case you need to leave your pup in a secure space, while they clean the room for example.

We had a wonderful stay. If you’re visiting Karuizawa with you dog, I believe you would enjoy Karuizawa Marriott Hotel! Please check my other Drog-Friendly accommodation reviews here. 

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