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Bento Exhibition – a new look into Japan’s loved boxed meals.

I had the chance to visit the BENTO exhibition (full name is BENTO—Design for Eating, Gathering and Communicating) at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno. The exhibition just opened it’s doors and it’s welcoming visitors to dive into another dimension of the bento tradition.

BENTO—Design for Eating, Gathering and Communicating

You may already know, but in case you’re new to the bento world, here’s a simple introductionbento is a single-portion take out meal, often carefully made at home. Inside a bento you can usually find rice, fish, meat and veggies. The box containing the meal can be various sizes and infinite colors/themes. Sometimes, even the food inside follows a pattern, for example the famous “Kyaraben” (Character bento) have a food arrangement resembling anime characters or popular themes.

Bento is a single-portion take out meal, often carefully made at home.

The BENTO—Design for Eating, Gathering and Communicating exhibition takes a look to the history of the bento but also re-imagines everything that surrounds this trademark Japanese meal. Dive into the feelings involved in the preparation of the bento, the joy of sharing food, the roots of the ingredients you eat, and the creativity that goes into that boxed meal.

All this, in a very hands-on exhibition in which you will touch, walk, listen, draw and become part of the Bento story that is being told. English friendly AND kid friendly!!

The Bento Exhibition is a very unique experience! Here’s all the condensed info:

  • BENTO- Design for Eating, Gathering and Communicating
  • Where: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture),
  • Until 8th of October.
  • Tickets: General ¥800, College students ¥400, 65+ ¥500 .
  • Open from 19:30  to 17:30 (Last admission 17:00)
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