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Sailor Moon Q-Pot Collaboration Cafe.


Sailor Moon Q-Pot Collaboration Cafe

Right now and until the 19th of August, the already adorable Q-Pot is holding a special collaboration with your favorite sailor senshi girls. Welcome to Sailor Moon Q-Pot Collaboration Cafe!

New decor, new menu , and new items available in the store. If you’re a Sailor Moon fan or just enjoy the kawaii-teacup-cake style, this collaboration is for you. As you enter, Sailor Moon music welcomes you into this pastel realm, where your –previously reserved– table awaits.

The Sailor Moon Q-Pot Cafe Collaboration menu is divided in two halves, one of them available at the moment and other available from the 26th of July until the end of the collaboration. They include sweets and drinks but no savory dishes, so make your visit an afternoon tea kind of trip.

Sailor Moon Q-Pot Collaboration Cafe

Sailor Moon Q-Pot Collaboration Cafe

We had the “Luna P Ball Plate” (2200¥) and the “Moon Healing Parfait”(2500¥) both come in a set with a drink included so we had two “Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss Berry Latte” (what a mouthful).  Unfortunately I can’t say I really liked any of the things we had, plus they kinda gave me a belly ache. I wanted to love it but… it is what it is.

When you do the -mandatory- reservation, you need to choose and pay what you’ll be having at the cafe. This is unavoidable, so you will need a credit card to actually reserve and pay beforehand. You can’t change any dishes or drinks (I asked) so choose carefully.

You will need a suitable credit card to actually reserve (your table).

Both the menu and the merch are limited edition, so grab them while they last. The prices start from 1300¥ for a hand towel to 25.000 for a necklace. Yes you read that right. I believe there are no precious metals or stones in the collection but still, that’s the price tag). These are a few of the limited edition items.

BTW, I recently covered another Sailor Moon collab.

Here’s all the condensed info:

  • Sailor Moon Q-Pot Collaboration Cafe
  • Where: Q-Pot cafe,  Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokio 150-0001 3-4-8
  • Until 19th of August.
  • Prices from +2000¥ Food, From 1300¥ merch.
  • Open from 11: 30-20: 00 (Last order 19: 30)
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