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Discover the Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe in Tokyo!

I recently went to the Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe here in Tokyo and I loved every minute of it (no surprise).

I had been wanting to go for a while now but it just kept getting postponed. I’m so glad I finally visited the Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe. This spacious cafe and bakery is a rabbit wonderland!! And you don’t even have to like bunnies to enjoy the place. Just relax in its early 20th Century English ambiance and feast on the kawaii English-Japanese menu.

This truly is a Garden Cafe. Both the entrance and the incredible veranda/terrace are filled with plants, flowers and various garden items. The decoration, tableware and furniture radiate English countryside charm, and even the staff’s attire blends in. Every table sits a Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Flopsy, Mopsy or Cottontail plushie for you to share your meal with (or take some shameless selfies… ahem!).

It’s time to ring the table bell (ding!) and order something from their adorable menu. We had two “Peter Rabbit’s Cappuccino” (680¥) with latte art. To eat, we ordered a Caramel Cheese Parfait (880¥) complete with bunny ears, and the Peter Rabbit Scone with Milky Cream and Jam (580¥)

It’s safe to say everything was delicious. It’s been a while since I had an English style scone – I had SO many while living in London!!-  but I really enjoyed this one. The parfait was huge and the cheesecake tart pieces were really good! Reminded me of the Pablo Mini Cheese Tarts (which I adore).

The store sells, among tons of other Peter Rabbit merch, their signature “Bakeru Bread” to take home so we bought it. No regrets. 😀

Peter Rabbit Cafe Tokyo

I can’t wait to come back again! Do you like Peter Rabbit? 🙂

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