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J-World Tokyo, anime fun even for non-otakus?


J world Tokyo IkebukuroI get it. You want to go to J-World. You’re in Tokyo. You grew up with Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece and all the classics so of course you want to visit it. Here’s the problem: you’re not alone and your friends think anime is not cool (or even worse- for kids!). Fret not mate! You can still drag them with you, proven that they have a camera and a love for insta-worthy photo spots!


J-World Tokyo is a small “theme park” in Sunshine City mall, Ikebukuro. It’s divided in areas corresponding to shonen manga/anime classics as Naruto, Dragon Ball or One Piece. Depending on the area, the games and attractions are inspired by the anime, for example, “Seek the Dragon Balls” in the Dragon Ball area. Each area is decorated as its anime, and there are photo-spots, free games, and sometimes cafes and stores inspired by it.

J-World is mostly for family fun, and the attractions and games are kid-friendly. Keeping that in mind, you should not expect any super exciting rides. Actually, I’ve never paid the full pass that allows rides and extra games ( 2600¥) but only the admission pass (800¥) which grants you access to the place and all the free mini-games that there are (I think at least a couple per area). To me, taking goofy pictures, strolling around and having some anime cake is enough fun for a fair enough price.

J-World is made mostly for family fun, and so the attractions and games are kid-friendly. You should not expect any super exciting rides.

Moving on to the photo spots, there are many and they are really fun -especially if you’re a fan of the anime. These are some of the pictures we took the last time we went.

There are a couple places where you can have a bite, but the main dinning hall is always open and has a full menu of anime-inspired drinks, desserts and dishes. Depending on when you go, there will be limited edition items from newer popular anime. For example, last time they were having a My Hero Academia event.


J-World is super fun if you know all these series, but I believe anyone will enjoy taking fun pictures with friends and playing mini-games. Not a mandatory visit but a cool one for rainy afternoons, extra hot days, or to kill a couple hours on your visit to Ikebukuro. It won’t break the bank either for 800¥! Bonus points: I’ve never seen it crowded and many of the spots have English translations.

Here’s all the condensed info:

  • Where: J-World Tokyo. Sunshine City Mall Ikebukuro 3F.
  • When: Open everyday from 10:00 to 22:00.
  • How much: Adults: 800¥ Admission Pass. 2600¥ Unlimited Attraction Pass (1800¥ After 5pm).
  • Perfect for: Diehard classic anime fans, rainy afternoons, fun pictures.


What’s your favorite anime? 
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