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The KYOTO of Eastern Japan? A day in KAMAKURA.

Kamakura is a small city with tremendous culture and yes, a giant bronze Buddha. Being only 50 km away from Tokyo, conveniently covered by regular trains from the capital, it’s an extremely popular day trip destination. Adding to the equation, Kamakura has a beach that gathers not only regular visitors but countless surf aficionados. Early June is a wonderful time to travel to Kamakura. The hydrangeas are in bloom and everything is covered with these fluffy, colorful clouds of flowers!

We spent a couple nights in Hayama, which was our base for exploring Kamakura and Enoshima. If I can choose, I’m not the kind of traveler that wakes up at 5 and  walks 30km in the day, but more of a “ah! that cafe looks cute, let’s sit there and chill” kind of tourist. 😀 So we took it easy, had a lovely breakfast, spent a while in Hayama beach and then started discovering Kamakura and Enoshima.

In Kamakura, we saw three highlights: Kotoku-in the temple with the giant Buddha, Daibutsu. Daibutsu is the second biggest Buddha in Japan (13,35 meters high, 93 tons), second to the one in Nara. This monumental statue has resisted a lot of natural disasters, the most representative being the big tsunami of 1492. This tidal wave destroyed the building that protected the Daibutsu, and it has been out in the open ever since.

Hase-dera, blooming with hydrangeas and people. Hase Dera is very close to Kotoku-in. This temple is famous for having a big wooden golden Kannon statue but the place itself is gorgeous, with gardens, a pond and beautiful views!

Meigetsu-in,  also known as Ajisaidera, is a Japanese wonderland. The hydrangeas covered every inch of the temple and the stairs and ways around the garden are absolutely beautiful and romantic.


Meigetsu-in is connected to the moon (its name means “bright moon”), therefore bunnies are represented throughout the temple grounds, making me a very happy visitor.

The KYOTO of Eastern Japan: KAMAKURA.

I loved Kamakura and hope to come back very soon!! Please stay tuned for the upcoming Enoshima blog post and Kamakura Vlog!! Very soon 🙂

Have you been to Kamakura?
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