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Visiting Kamakura? Try The Canvas Hayama Park Hotel! [Not Sponsored!]

Welcome to The Canvas Hayama Park!! We stayed in this unique hotel during our Kamakura/Enoshima weekend getaway, and it has ranked very high on our Japan Hotel List. Check it out!

The first thing you should know is that The Canvas Hayama Park is not in Kamakura or Enoshima, it’s placed in Hayama, which is very close to Zushi. The hotel itself is located five minutes away on foot from the beach, and less than two minutes away from the closest bus stop. The area is quiet and peaceful despite being so close to the popular Hayama beach!!

The Canvas Hayama Park
A drone view of Hayama Beach!

This hotel has only three cabins, one of them being dog-friendly: Akatsuki. Our home for the weekend.

With its earthy tones, cozy design, room and light, Akatsuki invites its guests to unwind and relax. You have two floors to enjoy. Living room and kitchen on the ground floor, bedroom and bathroom upstairs. Up to 5 guests can stay, either on the queen size beds or the stylish sofa-bed. Please note that only the ground floor is dog-friendly! Spiral staircases are a little dangerous for pups. They provide a little fence to keep the stairs secure.

But don’t worry! Your furbaby still has a “room” all for him/herself. Drogo doesn’t really like beds or crates but the option is available. There are also doggy bowls, bags, and other supplies. Ugh I love dog-friendly hotels that go the extra mile!!

The second floor is spacious and has beautiful light. The bathroom follows the same design as the rest of the cabin, with a big -very clean- bathtub and shower area, two sinks, and a separate toilet. The bed is comfortable and the overall atmosphere of the room is really relaxing.

The hotel has no kitchen service but The Canvas Hayama Park provides everything you need to cook your own meals: a full kitchen with all utensils, pots and pans. There are some convenience stores and supermarkets close by for you to buy ingredients. And some more nice extras! Loved the amazing drip coffee selection and the Bose wifi speakers. 

For your exploration plans, keep in mind that The Canvas Hayama Park is 15 minutes away by bus from Zushi Station, and then it’s only a train stop to Kamakura (about 5 min) . From Zushi to Enoshima station by train, will take you about 45 minutes. In Zushi Station you can find stores with local fresh seafood from the area; or if you rather the chain restaurant way (no judging) , McDonalds, Mos Burger and Starbucks.

Here’s all the condensed info:

The Canvas Hayama Park ( )

Price range: Around 40.000¥ per night.

Reservations (Japanese Only). Click here.

Reservations through Booking. Click here.

Stay tuned for my upcoming post about Kamakura and Enoshima. Have you visited these two incredible places?
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