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Come with me to the Cowboy Bebop Cafe in Akihabara

Nice to see you, Space Cowboys!

Let’s rest our tired bounty hunter bones in the Cowboy Bebop Cafe for a while , shall we? 🙂

From May 15th to June 10th, you can visit the Cowboy Bebop Cafe in Akihabara. It is being held at the Animate Cafe in the famous Electric Town, only a few minutes walking from Akihabara Station or Suehirocho Station.

If you’re from the 80’s or just love the classics, you will definitely enjoy the nostalgia of the Cowboy Bebop cafe. The space is decorated with the characters, the OST is playing and merch and memorabilia are displayed. Ah, the feels.

The menu is inspired by the acclaimed series, and offers both savory and sweet options whether you’re there for a full meal or just a coffee. We popped in for a coffee and a snack, and this is what we had:


On the left is “Heavy Rock of the Dark Night” – a crepe with a mix of coffee ice cream, jelly and nuts under it.  On the right, “I told ya”– a bear parfait with all kinds of chocolate, cream, cookies and cereal.

We also ordered the “Radical Edward” coffee and a shake-style drink called “Red Tail”. They gave us limited edition coasters with our orders, some of which I will send to one lucky winner in my ongoing giveaway! 

As for the store, it is quite limited but has a treat for those of you willing to spend 10.000¥ (around 80 USD$): the Spike Zippo lighter. You would have to pay it in the store but you will receive it (Japan only) by middle August.

Here’s all the condensed info:

Are you a Cowboy Bebop fan? 

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