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Tokyo Staycation. A Tokyo Tower night.

Have you heard the term “Staycation”? It’s a holiday that you take in your own city or country, instead of traveling. It may or may not involve treating yourself to a massage, a ticket to your favorite theme park, or like in our case, a nice hotel stay. Welcome to our Tokyo Staycation!Tokyo Staycation next to Tokyo Tower.


If you follow my Instagram you may already know that not one, but two neighbor homes are now construction sites. I bet you can imagine the noise! It’s getting hard to sleep in even on Saturdays. Not that you need many reasons to plan a staycation, but we definitely were looking forward to a relaxing night and quiet morning.

For our Tokyo Staycation, we chose The Prince Park Tower Tokyo, right next to Tokyo Tower. This is one of the most complete hotels I’ve ever stayed in! It has literally everything from a bowling venue to onsen and even a bakery. 

Our room was a Premium King Corner room with Tokyo Tower views. It was spacious, clean and comfortable.

The views did not disappoint either! To those of you that joined my live sunset video, thank you! We were more than 500!! .

We spent our afternoon relaxing, cuddling, talking, masking (me)  and playing Stardew Valley for PsVita! (also me).

We had a well deserved,  great night’s sleep. In the morning, we chose the restaurant in the 33rd floor, with views of both the Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree! (See below) It had a western buffet breakfast. Despite the “western” style, there were also Japanese favorites like grilled salmon, matcha mousse, seaweed salad, noodles, and Japanese style omelette! Plus all the other delicious breads and foods your would expect in a buffet. Special mention to the amazing selection of smoothies. I had two and both were amazing!

Tokyo Staycation next to Tokyo Tower.

We left feeling so recharged and relaxed! It was a great experience and I would totally recommend you to take a staycation if you can! It’s a nice way of getting the holiday feeling without breaking the bank or spending holiday days.


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