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Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2018

Still with the rhythm on my feet and good vibes to last me a lifetime, I bring you my Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2018 photos and thoughts!! Jump right in and celebrate love with us!

After a few days of LGBT friendly events in Tokyo, the celebrations ended with a bang today with the annual Tokyo Rainbow Pride Parade! This parade combines the LGBT colorfulness and the Japanese politeness in a family friendly, kind of tame  (still great) Pride Parade. The route goes around Shibuya covers parts of Omotesando and Yoyogi.

So no super loud music, no drinking on the streets and no skimpy outfits. Instead, the paraders marched greeting the attendees around them, waving signs and giving high-fives. I was lucky enough to get one from this utterly adorable little boy. Arguably the cutest marcher ever. 

Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2018


There were numerous of LGBT organizations and health Institutions marching, both national and foreigner. Loved seeing people bringing attention to mental health, STDs and gender issuses. I find this so necessary in Japan and anywhere really. Bravo, Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2018!

Lots of companies showed their support by marching as well! Google, Panasonic, Microsoft, Youtube, Buzzfeed and many more were in the parade and the stands in the area next to NHK Hall in Yoyogi

If you followed the people in the Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2018 you ended up in the stands area, where street food, drinks, and further entertainment awaited. Loved the Shiseido stand where you could reapply sunscreen for free, and the Panasonic corner where you could get a free shave! We had a cold Highball, some huge fries with mentaimayo and enjoyed the atmosphere and people.


It was a really nice experience and I will make sure I attend next years’s parade as well. Love is love and we all need more of it. Happy Pride! 🙂

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