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A visit to the NEW Cardcaptor Sakura’s Kerochan Cafe.

From April 27th to Juy 8th, the new Kerochan Cafe is open for business in Solamachi, right under Tokyo SkyTree! Cerberus, also known as Kerochan is the beloved mascot and ally of Sakura, the main character in CardCaptor Sakura. The shojo manganime is more alive than ever after the release of the sequel “Clear Card”. Cardcaptor Sakura is incredibly popular in Japan and outside of it, and Kerochan is one of the most known and loved mascots ever.

The just opened cafe works with a reservation-only system, so make sure you get your reservations in advance. Booking your table is free, which is great keeping in mind the menu itself is a little expensive!

Kerochan Cafe tokyo 2018 CardCaptor Sakura


There’s a reason behind the steep price: you can take some of tableware home as a souvenir! For example, we ordered two “Kerochan Cafe au Lait” for 1800¥ each, and we brought two adorable glass jars home. It works the same with some of the food items, with you being able to keep the dish.  However we ordered the banana pancake for 1300¥ without the dish (which added around 1000¥ extra to the price)

The food and drinks were great. Iced coffee was good and the caramelized banana in the pancake dish was delicious! There are various kinds of sweet and savory dishes, really adorable and well presented. Kerochan seems to have a thing for takoyaki, and this street food favorite appears in both the food (“takoyaki hot dog”?) and the decor!

The cafe truly excels in the details and everything, from the tables to the walls, menu included of course, radiates Kerochan kawaiiness!!

The best? A Kerochan mascot comes out to pose with you, and brings an adorable bunny named Momo along. Super cute to say the least. I love how lately, these kinds of cafes bring out a mascot to entertain costumers.

And of course there is a merchandising shop, just in case you have room for more Kerochan.

If you’re interested in going, here’s all the condensed info:

Tokyo Skytree Solamachi. 1-13-2 , Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0045 Tokyo Skytree, Solamachi 4th floor
Until July 8th. Open from 10: 00 to 22: 00. 


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