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Kanazawa in two days. What to see (II).

Welcome to my Kanazawa adventures, part two! If you missed the first part, click here.

Our second day in Kanazawa started with us making salmon and egg toast and terrible instant coffee. First in our list, the Nomura Samurai House, a samurai residence turned museum open to the public for a small price (500¥ I believe). You can walk around the rooms, see the amazing Japanese garden –koi pond included- and even attend a tea ceremony in the second floor.

Kanazawa is fairly compact and you can walk almost everywhere. We went to Oyama Shrine on foot, disovering some more sakura trees in bloom on the way. Oyama shrine is famous for its unusual gate, made by a Dutch architect. It was originally at the Kanazawa Castle but later moved to the shrine. Oyama has enviable surroundings, with a pond, bridges and statues. Truly beautiful.


From there we went to Higashi-chaya, the most popular district in Kanazawa. It was really packed with tourists but still I can understand the hype. Similar to Nishi-Chaya but bigger, many of the wooden houses are restaurants and bars so it’s quite lively at any hour of the day. Geisha perform in some of those establishments, for those that are willing to hire them. Geisha are sort of a luxury entertainment, usually reserved for business dinners and other important events.

At that point we were starving so we entered in a local, small restaurant to have lunch. We wolfed down udon, soba, fried prawns and egg rice, and left for Omicho market.

It was closing already but still bustling with people queuing for fresh oysters, sea urchin, shrimp and crabs. They sell all kinds of street food as well, but the main attraction is the fresh seafood. You can buy it to take home and sometimes eat in the spot, if you enjoy raw and lightly cooked seafood.

We spent afternoon of our second day walking around, doing some shopping and having a smoothie and salted butter cake at the trendy Green Bar Kanazawa. For dinner, we raided the closest konbini and headed back to the AirBNB to rest.

Kanazawa was a lovely visit and I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in Japan history.

Have you ever been to Kanazawa?

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