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Kanazawa in two days. What to see.


I’m writing this post from the Shinkansen (bullet train) back home, Tokyo bound! We’ve spent the last two days in Kanazawa, a beautiful city three hours away from Tokyo. A round trip Tokyo-Kanazawa by bullet train costs 30.000¥.

Kanazawa is special. It’s one the few cities that survived the bombings of the WWII keeping its layout and many of their buildings almost intact. The fact that it’s also rich in both geisha and samurai history just makes it even more intriguing.

I’m dividing our Kanazawa adventures into two blog posts to keep them light and fun! This is part one.


On the first day we visited  the remains of Kanazawa Castle. Dating back to 1583, it was destroyed and rebuilt several times and today only a few structures are still up. Doesn’t diminish the beauty of the place, though.  The surroundings are beautiful, and have  cherry blossom trees (still in bloom when we were there!!).


Next to Kanazawa Castle, there’s Kenroku-en Gardens, considered by many one of the most beautiful landscape gardens in Japan. Makes for a pleasant stroll and the balance between trees, plants, ponds, tea houses and sculptures keeps your eyes entertained throughout it.

We did all this sightseeing with poor Drogo on his pet carrier as the check-in was at 16:00 (not unusual for Japan but kinda late, isn’t it?).  After getting to our AirBNB, we rested a bit and decided to take it easy for the rest of the day.


Kanazawa is known for its gold leaf, used for decoration, arts and crafts, beauty products and everything in between. I knew I wanted to try the very Instagrammable soft serve with edible gold leaf, and it didn’t disappoint. We went to Hakuichi Cafe for our decadent gold cappuccino, ice cream and mochi parfait.  We paid around 2500¥.


Walking back to our AirBNB, we visited Nishi-Chaya, one of the geisha neighborhoods. We didn’t see any geisha unfortunately but loved the wooden houses, lights and atmosphere.


For dinner, we got takeout from the best vegan/vegetarian place we’ve found in Japan so far: Los Angeles. The vegan burgers are absolutely delicious and affordable under 1000¥.

To be continued…

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