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Bungo Stray Dogs collaboration cafe at Tower Records Shibuya

From the 16th of March until the 23rd of April, the cafe in Tower Records Shibuya is having a Bungo Stray Dogs event. The manga and anime series are extremely popular, specially now with the release of the new movie “Dead Apple”. I happen to like Bungo Stray Dogs a lot! I love that the characters are all real life Japanese writers re-imagined as modern superheroes.

As usual in this kind of collaborations, there are both exclusive goods/merch and a limited edition special menu inspired on the series. The prices are fairly affordable with none of the dishes costing more than 1200¥ ( around 11USD$) and drinks around 600¥. We had the Rashomon cake and the Nakajima-tiger cocoa, plus the “Punishment” caramel tea.

They gave us some freebies, two coasters and a little bookmark. 🙂

As for the collaborative goods, there are small key rings, stationery and the like featuring the characters dressed as Tower Records waiters!

Are you a fan of Bungo Stray Dogs? Which character is your favorite?

Thank you so much for reading and talk to you very soon!

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