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Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition

The Final Fantasy saga is 30 years old now and its relevance is stronger than ever, seeing the impressive amount of people that gathers to its events. To commemorate this milestone, the Mori Art Museum in Roppongi is hosting from the 22nd of January to the 28th of February an exhibition: Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition “Memories of you”. 


This is no regular museum visit but an immersive experience made interactive and beautifully crafted to bring back all the feelings and memories of the fans of the saga; me included. I had my heart squeezed a few times I reckon, and I was very touched by some of the installations, carefully thought to capture the viewer.  The combination of music, video, voice explanations (also in English) and the space itself makes this exhibition a little universe in its own, as you would expect from Square Enix and Final Fantasy.


You’re given an iPhone (plus earphones) as your audio guide. When you walk through the exhibition, it automatically plays the corresponding piece to the installation you’re seeing. It’s a really cool concept and it worked well, the only downside being that if it’s crowded, it may play unevenly or not play at all. But mostly, it was great.

There was some exclusive artwork of the Final Fantasy VII remake, which was beautiful although didn’t really show a lot, designs of some of the locations mostly with some hints of the characters. No photography allowed, sorry guys!


There’s a gift shop and a collaboration cafe as well. The cafe has a special limited edition menu that includes omurice, hamburgers, cakes and potions to drink. You can see our blue apple potion and the adorable Moogle cake that we had on the gallery. The gift shop offers some exclusive 30th Anniversary merchandising plus some of the usual Final Fantasy items you can find in the Square Enix Cafe, Artnia and Eorzea. I bought a tote bag as you can see on my Instagram Stories!

Tickets for adults are 2500Y but you can get a nice discount buying a “pair ticket” for two, 4000Y. The prices of the store and cafe were not particularly low either but nothing outrageous. The usual for this kind of merch/collaboration menus.

The waiting to get in was annoying to be honest, but the experience made up for it and we had a blast. I enjoyed it a lot and I hope you enjoy my gallery too!

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