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ころころコロニャ (corocoro coronya) Collaboration Cafe at Tower Records Omotesando

Nyan! I mean hello!

The new collaboration happening at the Tower Records cafe in Omotesando has the most adorable theme: the bread-obsessed kittens (and ghost) by San-X, ころころコロニャ!

I just found about it yesterday and unfortunately it’s already ending tomorrow, so run if you want to see it, before it’s gone! As usual with the Tower Records cafe collabs, there’s both merchandising and a new themed menu available, plus decoration, music and plush toys for you to dive into the cute corocoro kitty colony.

Don’t be sad if you miss it though, Tower Records cafe is always doing fun collaborations with plenty of anime or kawaii characters, and even pop stars. You never know!

As usual thanks for reading and hope you like my photos! ????♥️

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