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TADAKU with locals: authentic Japanese cuisine with Japanese hosts.

The local cuisine is one of the most authentic ways to enjoy a different culture. Have you ever been to a place, wanting to experience the real, local food and company, just to realize you don’t even know where to start? I definitely have. That’s why when I was contacted by Tadaku and kindly invited to a Japanese cuisine class with Japanese hosts, I jumped right in (and brought The Hoosband with me!).


Tadaku with Locals is a platform that connect expats, visitors and food lovers with local hosts, for a cooking class or an authentic meal, homemade style. There are different menus for all budgets and tastes. And worry not, there are vegetarian, halal and vegan options as well!


Takako~San and Yuto~San, the lovely couple that hosted the evening, made everything so easy and fun for us. Our Japanese is very limited but they spoke fluent English so we could relax and enjoy the lesson and the food!

Teacher on the left, student on the right.
Definitely similar! I was very impressed!
Gentlemen doing sweet potato kinton.
Tamagoyaki is one of the Hoosband’s favorites!

The menu was authentic, beautiful Japanese food traditionally prepared for New Year’s celebrations, drinks included.

  • Futomaki sushi and temari sushi.
  • Tamagoyaki.
  • Celebration dishes: red and white namashu, tataki burdock, sweet potato kinton.
  • Miso soup.
  • Sparkling plum juice and yuzu sake.


Rafa, (A.K.A The Hoosband) took the cooking lesson while I took the pictures (and did the Stories- check them out here!). He almost never cooks at home but Takako~San and Yuto~San  were patient and guided him through the process, while explaining us the history and meaning behind the dishes. I can say Rafa was so happy to see and eat the results, he might just surprise me and start cooking at home!


The ingredients were local and  fresh , the dishes were beautiful and delicious, and the company made us feel as with friends. AND we came home with a little bento with leftovers! 😀


Want to try Tadaku? Use the code BTK_TDK for a 500¥ discount on your reservation!


Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed my pictures (and you’re not very hungry! 😛 ) 


This review was kindly sponsored by TADAKU. My thoughts and opinions are still my own.

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