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Myorder.Style Review: Tokyo restaurants made easy.



Yesterday we went to Alice in a Labyrinth restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo, to test the new MyOrder.Style service!

When they approached me I thought they were doing something really helpful. It can come in very handy when you’re visiting Tokyo and you want to easily check menus and restaurants in English beforehand! (Which is me all the time– I like to research my food in advance ????)


MyOrder.Style has a lot of partner restaurants throughout Tokyo, and they have all the info in the MyOrder database, including prices and menus (with pictures!) available in English, Japanese and Chinese. If something catches your eye you can add it to favorites in your account, for that next time you need some foodie inspiration.


When you get to the restaurant you can also use MyOrder.Style to order! Very helpful since not all waiters in Japan speak English. Ask for the code to check-in (just show the MyOrder.style page to your waiter) and create your order directly on your phone, in English. When you’re ready to order you just have to tap the “translate” button and show it to your waiter – you ordered in English but he or she will see it in Japanese. How cool is that! No awkward moment for anyone.????????


MyOrder.Style is FREE to use! So don’t hesitate to check it out. My test drive yesterday went smoothly and I loved planning what we were gonna have for our dinner date in advance. Also we knew exactly how much we were gonna spend. Pretty cool ????????

Thank you so much for reading and hope you enjoyed this review!

This review was kindly sponsored by MyOrder.Style. My thoughts and opinions are still my own.

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