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Tokyo Game Show 2017

Last Saturday 23rd of September I attended the annual Tokyo Game Show, a 4-day event that gathers around 250.000 attendees each year. I’m not the biggest gamer out there but I do enjoy playing on PS4, 3DS and Vita! So I was excited to attend to my first TGS.

This event showcases and introduces the newest games and technologies in the gaming world, for all platforms and ages. Of course the giants were there, Square Enix, Capcom, Wargaming, Sony… but also the emerging new and indie companies adding their own games into the mix.

Among the most awaited titles, Capcom’s  Monster Hunter World proved to be super fun to play and their huge booth was amazing, gorgeously decorated and ready to make the photographers work with their hunter cosplayers. I will definitely be getting it next January!

Square Enix had a huge representation at TGS and it made me very happy to see Final Fantasy XIV cosplayers. I’m playing FFXIV now and I’m loving it so yeah I might have fangirled a little. They gave the mobile Final Fantasy XV game a good  chunk of their spotlight as well. (I must say the promos are being relentless, I’ve been seeing this game in the Tokyo metro trains nonstop).

PS4 is loving Detroit: Become Human and they are not afraid to show it. It’s one of the most awaited games and they gave it most of the attention. People (me included) are absolutely intrigued for the deep story and the flexible storyline.

It seems that this year’s TGS made clear that the industry is betting on mobile gaming and VR. I think there were not a lot of new games for consoles, but Virtual Reality is becoming, well, a reality. Gran Turismo for example made a great impression, but also some indie companies are including the technology in their own games.

It was a lot of fun and I hope to come back next year!

The event is free for business and press to attend, although you have to apply for a pass in advance. The first two days are for them to attend exclusively. The last two days is open to the public, tickets are 1200 Yen at the door and 1000 Yen purchased in advance. The place where it’s held, Makuhari Messe Convention Complex is  a little far away from Tokyo but well connected.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed my photos!

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