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REVIEW: Forest Bathing box by Neko Box.

Forest Bathing box by Nekobox.

Can you imagine the crisp breeze that makes the leaves rustle, grass moving like a gentle green sea, the birds chirping and the smell of flowers and lush greenery? Imagine filling your lungs with the clean air, walking among the trees, sitting on the ground.  ???????????? The art of wandering into a forest to reflect on oneself, enjoy the moment and relax in nature is called “Forest Bathing“, and the Japanese have perfected and embraced it as a way of practicing mindfulness and reducing stress.Forest Bathing box by Nekobox. When I received the Forest Bathing box by Nekobox I thought they had nailed the concept of Forest Bathing with their item choices. Forest Bathing box by Nekobox. If you don’t know Nekobox, they are a Japan-based company and online store that make curated japanese subscription boxes. The signature Neko boxes carry japan-made ceramics and homeware , but they also have the Zakka kits for all the stationery fans out there.

Forest Bathing box by Nekobox. In the September Forest Bathing box, I received four items:

    • A white magnolia dish, perfect for sweets or a side dish. (I use it for my nori seaweed snacks)

Forest Bathing box by Nekobox.Forest Bathing box by Nekobox.A dainty chrysanthemum sake bottle,  for which I can’t wait to get some quality Japanese rice wine.

Forest Bathing box by Nekobox.Forest Bathing box by Nekobox.A teal-colored cup, perfect for matcha tea. Although I put my English Breakfast in there too!

Forest Bathing box by Nekobox.A tenugi cloth with a oh-so-Japanese print. Tenugi can be used for anything and everything! I like to tie it on my handbag.

Forest Bathing box by Nekobox. Each box also brings a beautifully made magazine, KAWA, with a lot of info about the box’s theme. I loved seeing the suggested places in Japan for forest bathing- I live here but I bet for you guys that want to visit Japan it will make you feel closer to this wonderful country!
Forest Bathing box by Nekobox. It all comes securely packed and wonderfully presented, and the hand-picked items are beautiful.  I really liked that it came with a little card that explained where in Japan the item was made! In all, I loved the Forest Bathing box.

Forest Bathing box by Nekobox. Each box has an estimated value of +70$ but you can get yours starting from 35,99$. , there are a lot of subscription options here. They ship WORLDWIDE!

They also were kind enough to give me a discount code for you.

Use the discount code BUNNY to get:

-10% off your first Neko Box (monthly subscriptions only).

-10% off your first Zakka stationery Kit (monthly subscriptions only).

– 10% off in the Neko box shop.

See a sneak-peek the next Neko Box here. It’s all about Japanese MYTHICAL CREATURES! Will it have Inari foxes? Guardian lion-dogs?

Thank you so much for reading and talk to you guys very soon!

This review was kindly sponsored by Neko Box. My thoughts and opinions are still my own.

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