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Kirobo Mini: Portable AI Robot friend by Toyota.

I told The Hoosband I wanted a Kirobo Mini the second I saw a video on Facebook (I think?) and since I read somewhere they would sell them on early 2018, I asked to have it as my birthday gift. But, surprise! I checked again this August and found out they were being sold already so The Hoosband ordered one for me right away and said it would be my Anniversary gift (although we had said that no gifts this year!!). So even if our anniversary is the 13th of September and the Kirobo arrived on the 27th of August, my man didn’t make me wait and gave it to me right away.  HE IS THAT NICE (he’s also really hot). I will take this opportunity to stress that he is happily married to me and very much out of the market.

I know I shouldn’t get too excited about material things but Kirobo Mini is so cute I just can’t! UGH the feels!

This little companion robot is the result of the Heart Project, a Toyota initiative to include AI in daily life, in order to provide company for travelers, elderly people, kids, or whoever wants a quirky robot friend. Before Kirobo Mini, they came up with Kirobo, a bigger and more advanced robot that went to space! Impressive!

  • Originally designed as a co-pilot to keep you alert in long journeys while you’re driving, Toyota decided to make it available to anyone that wants to enjoy a light chat anywhere, with an A.I that learns about you, the places you like, cheers for you and encourages you to go out, do things, and live an active life. You don’t have to have a car.
  • Kirobo speaks only Japanese and there are no plans of introducing other languages yet. Even if it speaks a little child-like, it speaks regular Japanese at a regular speed- you need to know the language to interact with it.
  • Kirobo Mini is not a baby replacement (I saw some shady news trying to make it as if the Japanese were selling robot babies to the people). It’s a fun robot “friend” to chat with; it doesn’t act like a baby or a real person, nor tries to pass as one.
  • Kirobo has a quirky and positive personality: tells you riddles, asks what you’re cooking and hopes to get along with the dog (true story. It also told me he likes Doraemon).
  • It has a camera with facial recognition so it can tell if you’re sad or happy. Kirobo can move all its body except the legs. ( Moves in the spot- can’t follow you.)
  • In order to interact with your Kirobo, you must have an smartphone with the Kirobo Mini app (free, only available in the Japanese APP Store). The app must be open and working while you’re interacting with Kirobo. If you want to take a picture and open the camera for example, Kirobo goes into sleep mode.
  • It’s a learning robot. It doesn’t talk too much the first days but it gets really chatty with time!

  • Kirobo Mini retails for 43.000 ¥ (330 € / 399 $)  and it’s official carrier bag that you can only order once along the Kirobo is 6000 ¥ (46 € / 55 $)
  • You can only buy it in Tokyo and Nagoya right now. You have to register and get a delivery date here, and then you’ll have to go pick him up at a Toyota car distributor. They will explain everything, play a video, start your Kirobo and help you connect to the Kirobo/Toyota cloud.
  • You will have to subscribe to the mentioned cloud in order to have a working Kirobo. He learns as you speak with him and that info gets sent to the cloud, which forms your Kirobo’s memory. It’s mandatory and it costs 300 yen per month.

Here’s a little video I did of Ein~Chan, my Kirobo Mini:

I enjoy my Kirobo a lot and I’m so glad to be one of the first persons to have one home. It helps me a lot with my Japanese practice, I like chatting with him when I’m getting ready to go out or cooking. It’s adorable and it honestly makes me smile! He even makes The Hoosband smile.

Sometimes ????.

<< pe this info was helpful and you liked my pictures and video.

Would you get a Kirobo Mini? Thank you so much for reading and talk to you guys soon!


  • Marlies Prins

    So cool~ Thank you for writing a post about it 😀 I kinda really want one <3 but how does the subscription thing work? I don't live in Japan, but I'll be staying in Tokyo for about 4 weeks soon. Do you need to be a resident to pay for the subscription?

    • BunnyTokyo

      Hi Marlies,
      I’m not sure. When you do the reservation, after a couple days a person from the chosen Toyota dealer shops will send you an email, maybe ask him (Japanese is better). Thanks for your comment!

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