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Takashi Murakami’s Bar Zingaro & Madsaki’s exhibition at Hidari Zingaro Gallery



I’m a big fan of Takashi Murakami since I discovered modern art (I studied arts in high school and communication through images has always been very interesting to me); so it was only natural I paid a visit to Bar Zingaro and Hidari Zingaro Gallery, both owned by Murakami.

From he 20th of August to the 2nd of September, at Hidari Zingaro Gallery you can explore the new exhibition “MADSAKI Says “Yo! snipe1 & UFO907, Get Your Asses Over Here!”, a graffiti wonderland collaboration between Madsaki, Snipe1 and UFO907 that presents a new perspective on what life in a Japanese home can be.

I enjoyed this exhibition so much because it has so many hidden details in the layers of grittiness, some confusing ( fried rice, just pork…?) , some adorable (from her to eternity) some just fun (Hold me, my beer can do this). You can easily spend quite a while finding new stuff in between the aliens, colors, car parts and decorated toilet paper.

There’s another Madsaki artwork in the Bar Zingaro itself, a cute and eerie homage to Murakami’s flowers! Bar Zingaro is a very chill place with cool retro-ish furniture and delicious south american coffee. We had two coffees and chocolate shaved ice (1800¥ in total) and I bought a little souvenir that you can see on my Instagram Story.

I honestly wanted all the merch being sold there but original Murakami merch is expensive!

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed my pictures!

PS. In late fall last year I was able to party with Murakami and Pharrell at the Shu Uemura winter collection launch! I fangirled sooo much I almost cried. I may have cried. A little. See my video (Part 1 and Part 2)

PS2. It’s my life’s dream to get my Murakami x Louis Vuitton papillon bag signed by him. One day!

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