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Pikachu Carnival Parade 2017- Yokohama, Japan.

For the last week there has been a Pokemon fever in Japan, as the annual Pikachu Outbreak has painted Yokohama (and our ????) yellow once again (Here’s a video from last year’s). This year, the Pikachu invasion has been going on from the 9th to the 15th, with Pokemon decorations, activities and merchandising throughout Yokohama’s landmarks.

The main event was the Pikachu Carnival Parade, celebrated yesterday (14 of August) in the center of the city. It gathered thousands of people despite the light rain, and the all the pikachus and parade participants gave it all they got!

The parade is free to attend but be ready to face large crowds before, during and after the event. Merchandising sells pretty early so do your shopping as soon as you can!

Hope you enjoyed my video and gallery! Pika pika!

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