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TORO NAGASHI – Paper Lantern Floating in Sumida, Tokyo

Yesterday we attended Toro Nagashi, the Paper Lantern Floating event in which candle-lit lanterns with handwritten messages are set afloat to guide the spirit of the ancestors back to the other world.

It’s celebrated on the last evening of the O-Bon festival, the Summer days when the spirits of the deceased come back to this world for a visit.


This event is celebrated all over Japan and even outside the country. We went to Sumida river, in Asakusa, Tokyo. It was packed with people from start to end (18:00 to 20:30). Many people were there just having beer and snacks (respectfully) and enjoying the night view.

Attendance is completely free and you can purchase a lantern to participate actively in the event!

It was a beautiful experience.

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