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Hakone Diaries Part I: Odawara Castle

We’re back from our holidays in the Japanese countryside! We went to Hakone for 3 complete days plus 2 traveling ones, to relax in the restorative onsen waters, enjoy a lot of delicious traditional Japanese food, and get eaten by mosquitoes, rained on, burned by the sun, and frustrated by the buses. Yes our travels are hardly ever Instagram-perfect. ????

The first day we took a train to Odawara (which is roughly an hour away from Hakone) to see the town and the castle (500¥ per person). Also the Evangelion Store because we are nerds like that.

The castle is a reconstruction like other Japanese castles, took down by Meiji Government in 1870 and reconstructed as a museum in 1960. We enjoyed the visit a lot and the views from the upper floor were amazing despite the rain.

The museum is beautiful, fun and has a lot of history inside. We loved seeing all the armors and the swords!

That being said, near the entrance there is a cage with monkeys that just ruins the experience– poor animals caged for the viewing… pleasure? of visitors. Not cool.

Other than that, would definitely recommend the visit.

You can see the Instagram Story video of that day on my Twitter.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed my photos! ????????

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