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Tanabata Matsuri (Star Festival) at Kappabashi, Tokyo.

Let me tell you a story of passion, despair, magpies and Milky Way cows:

Orihime (Weaving Princess, a star-deity) is the daughter of the short-tempered Sky King. She makes beautiful cloth everyday like nowbody’s business and she’s like the Beyoncé of the weavers, but! She wants to fall in love probably because she was exposed to too many misleading Disney movies. So her father arranges her to meet with Hikoboshi (literally “Boy Star“- the swag is real), a cowboy that happens to live and work on the other side of the Milky Way.  I wonder why the Sky King could not find a suitable man in the neighborhood, being as he is the Universe personified. Also, Tinder.

Anyhoo, they meet and fall in love instantly as totally happens in everyday life, and get married immediately because that’s the right thing to do. They love each other so much that they decide to stop weaving and looking after cattle respectively, I guess in order to become full time digital nomads as us millennials aspire to become. Or not. 

Either way, they don’t work so the Sky King gets angry and forbids them to meet, showing the kind of not cool old folk he is, and breaking his daughter’s heart. Dad of the year.

Orihime cries and cries and probably rants on Twitter so the Sky king decides to be super duper generous and let them meet once a year IF she works hard and finishes her weaving, which totally catalogs as pretty much slavery in my book.

When the day comes and they can finally meet, they find that they cannot cross the Milky Way because there’s no bridge (Let’s be honest, I feel like Sky King could have helped here but he probably was somewhere laughing maniacally). 

Orihime cries so much that a flock of magpies comes and tell her to take a chill pill, since they would do a bridge with their wings so the two lovers can meet. WHY THANK YOU magpies, finally some empathy in this story. Holy galactic cow.

That being said, if it rains the magpies rather have a cozy day in catching up on GOT and OITNB, so people on Earth hope for a clear 7th of July. Because we humans be nice not like some Sky King fellow I know. 

Tanabata is celebrated writing wishes on paper and decorating streets with colorful streamers like you see on my pictures. As in any other Summer festival, there are stalls and little carnival games, people wear yukata and it’s all lively and colorful! 

I’m glad to inform you that Orihime and Hikoboshi did meet last Friday since it did not rain! Thank a magpie today if you see one.

Thank you so much for reading (here’s the serious version) and hope you enjoyed my photos! 


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