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The Manekineko temple: GOUTOKUJI, in Setagaya, Tokyo.

There’s a temple in the lovely ward of Setagaya that wins at cuteness so much you wouldn’t believe it! 

Gōtokuji is a beautiful buddhist temple that has hundreds of manekineko (fortune cats) in display. There are kittens almost everywhere, and even the temple’s ema  boards have the manekineko motif.

These cat figurines are believed to give you good luck in whichever quest life throws at you. So if you need some extra luck, get yourself a little cat figure at Gotokuji’s shop, bring it home and let it do its thing. When your fortune has been granted, you must return the figurine to the temple and leave it there with the rest of the gang.

So all the kitties you see on my pictures symbolize the good luck that someone has had with the help of the manekineko.

That’s a ton of good meows I mean news! Makes me happy just to look at them. ????

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy my photos! 


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