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One Year in Japan.

It’s been one year since I arrived in Japan for the 4th time then, but the first time as a resident. Words cannot describe how happy it made me! (And how tired I was after all the dog quarantine papers and the gazillion hours of travel)

It all started in 2013.
Before we even knew the date of our wedding, we knew we would have our honeymoon in Japan. And so, we traveled to Tokyo on 2014 and that was the start of the end.

After the honeymoon, I knew I wanted more. I wanted to keep exploring Tokyo, see all the seasons in Japan, read all the manga, eat all the onigiris and take all the pictures.

And then, after another two trips to Japan, the stars aligned and fate gave us an opportunity, and we got our shiny little visas and our dog (and bunny) -friendly apartment.

Up to this date, I still get these little epiphanies when I realize I’m in Tokyo and I can’t even believe it! I’m still so in love with Japan, but specially with this city, that I literally can’t get over it.

During this year, I learnt how to speak very basic Japanese, to bow to people,  to ask for soy milk for my matcha latte and to not loose it and hulk-smash in the rush hour.

I’m still learning to be a good foreigner, one that respects the traditions even if they seem weird (as long as they are based in basic human rights and common sense).

And I’m so thankful of having found my home in this huge city of hustle and bustle, neon and noise; but also neighbors determined keep the streets immaculate by sweeping off every fallen sakura petal  (true story) and tiny dogs with shoes (also true story).

It truly is a wonderful place- one in a million. No question why so many people feel the urge to come back again and again.

Thank you, Japan.

To many more years of pictures of you!????????


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