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Real life locations featured in Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name (KimiNoNaWa).

I don’t know if I was very lucky or terribly unlucky but the day I chose to go picture-hunting for these photos, there was a spring festival going on so it was absolutely crowded!
Anyway I tried to do my best (and got some extra footage of the festival- always welcome!) and captured these photos to confirm that Makoto Shinkai excels at accurately representing Tokyo.

These were all taken in Shinjuku, a central Tokyo area. I love wandering around this ward, and I find myself there often (shopping and dining out most of the time!).

Right next to the stairs where Mitsuha and Taki cross paths there is Suga Shrine, where the festival was being held.

Both the building and the foot bridge are really close to Shinanomachi Station. The traffic light ring is near Shinjuku station. 

As always, thank you for reading and hope you enjoy my pictures! 🙂




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