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Koinobori and Children’s day in Japan.

The 5th of May is Children’s Day, こどもの日 in Japan. The date is part of the group of bank holidays that form Golden Week, and it has been celebrated since ancient times.

To commemorate the day, colorful wind socks “Koinobori”  鯉のぼり are put up for display in houses and public places. They’re shaped like koi fish, which are known for their strength. (There is a Chinese legend that says that a koi carp that can swim against against the current will turn into a dragon, pretty much what happens with magikarp in Pokemon)

So, koinobori symbolize health and strength, and by putting them up to flutter in the air, the Japanese people hope for their kids to grow healthy and strong.

You can see koinobori here and there in Tokyo (there are some in my neighbor’s garden for example!)  but the best places to enjoy this vibrant fishies are Tokyo Midtown, which holds a quite large koinobori display, and Tokyo Tower, that is around 20 walking minutes away from Midtown so you can see plenty of them in one afternoon.

Hope you enjoy my pictures and thank you for reading!

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