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Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

I was kindly invited to attend and take pictures at a 茶の湯traditional tea ceremony last week. It was an amazing experience.

There’s so much beauty involved in this ritual. The moves, the food, the manners, everything is elegant, subtle and flowy all the way from beginning to end.

In a simple (shorter) tea ceremony, the host will greet you in the tatami room, where you’ll sit on your legs; and proceed to make the tea for you. You may be offered something to eat before the tea, in my case it was a delicious sakura cake with red bean filling. When you’re done you put the cake napkin/fork aside and receive your tea, which you place in front of yourself.

You should grab the tea vase with both hands, your right hand holding the base. Then, spin it with your left hand to avoid drinking from the front of the vase. You can now drink and enjoy your freshly made matcha. A good guest will take a sip, compliment the host on the tea, and drink some more.

I could engage on casual conversation with the rest of the people there, but depending on each ceremony you may be required to sit silently through it!

Have you ever been to a traditional tea ceremony? 

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my pictures ????????.


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