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UNIVERSAL STUDIOS Japan in Osaka- Review

We were young (at least in spirit) excited (well duh ???? ) and optimist (as always) when we stepped in Universal Studios Japan. But soon our hopes and dreams were mercilessly crushed and we learnt the truth: there is a reason why the special passes are all sold out months in advance. Yup, you can’t really do much in Universal Studios Japan if you didn’t spend those extra ¥¥¥. (Ranging from ¥2500 to ¥7000 per person.)

Our main interest were the new limited edition Cool Japan rides: Godzilla, Monster Hunter, Detective Conan, Attack on Titan and Evangelion; of which we ended up seeing only two, Attack on Titan and Monster Hunter. Both were the kind of 3D video/cinema ride in which you just watch things happen. Kind of disappointing after waiting more than 4h in total, although I enjoyed the Attack on Titan one. 

The park itself was very crowded with endless queues to eat, ride, buy or use the toilets. 

On the brighter side, “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” is delightful and very well built, with its own Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. Lots of people were cosplaying, too, which added greatly to the fun!

BunnyTokyo recommends:

  • Buy the special passes if you are serious about your trip to Universal Studios. We only had two days in Osaka and they were totally sold out so we were basically doomed to queues of at least 140 minutes.
  • If it’s crowded, which probably will be, you have to get a (free) reservation ticket to get into the Harry Potter part. Go get it first thing so you can choose a suitable time to see it.
  • There’s a convenience store 2 minutes away from the park’s entrance, selling ice cold beer, onigiri, sandwiches, snacks and everything you can imagine (for a decent price I mean- I saw popcorn for ¥4000 in the park. That’s like 35€.)

Have you ever been at a Universal Studios amusement park? 

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy my pictures! ????????


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