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Kyoto Part I.  Hanami and Philosopher’s Path.

Japan is blooming and Kyoto is not an exception! Every corner of the city is laced with sakura, and both locals and foreigners are enjoying every single bloom in sight.

Probably one of the most beautiful strolls I’ve ever done was walking down Philosopher’s Path from Ginkaku-Ji to Heian Shrine. There were hundreds of cherry blossoms, but also herons and koi fish. 

It is such a charismatic city. For me, Kyoto has a gritty feel to it; its soul and people seem different from the rest of Japan. Here, you can easily glimpse into the past, even more now in hanami season, when the many people wearing traditional clothing make us photographers really –really– happy.

Hope you enjoy my pictures, as always. Thanks for reading! ????????

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