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Shinkamanza Machiya Resort in Kyoto, Japan

If you’re following me on Instagram you already now I’ve just been in Japan’s former Imperial capital: Kyoto 京都.

I was kindly invited as a guest in the new project by GoodDesignWorks LLC: Shinkamanza, a very unique resort in the heart of Kyoto that takes the concept of traditional japanese accomodation to the next level.

Luxury materials, tons of beautiful natural light, and a flowing river that you can hear from your own private little house-room. Inside, tatami and futon but also sleek, spacious bathrooms and powder rooms. 

Honestly, such a treat for all the senses, right in the middle of Kyoto. They will officially open their doors very soon; for now you can follow them through their social media (Facebook / Instagram) .

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my pictures! ????????


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