TADAKU WITH LOCALS: Vegetarian Japanese with a twist!

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On our ongoing Tadaku with Locals series, we went to Tori’s home to learn more about healthy, vegetarian and vegan Japanese food. Finding vegetarian and vegan food in Japan is often a struggle. Take for example “Dashi” the fish stock that is one of the pillars of Japanese cuisine. It’s literally everywhere! But there’s a… [ READ MORE ]

New Life-size Gundam Unicorn in Odaiba, Tokyo.

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There’s a new Gundam in town and it’s even bigger than his predecessor! 19,7 meters high, the new and shiny Gundam Unicorn RX-0 from Mobile Suit Gundam UC (実物大ユニコーンガンダム立像) arrived the 24th of September this year after the older model, an RX-78-2 was removed. See it here. As if being there rain or shine and looking… [ READ MORE ]

TADAKU with Locals: Organic Japanese Cooking Class with Aya.

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The first time I came into contact with inorganic food was when I moved out of Spain and I remember I had to do some research to find out what was organic food to begin with. Apparently there is a world of not so natural food out there, with all kinds of scary modifications and… [ READ MORE ]

TADAKU with locals: authentic Japanese cuisine with Japanese hosts.

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The local cuisine is one of the most authentic ways to enjoy a different culture. Have you ever been to a place, wanting to experience the real, local food and company, just to realize you don’t even know where to start? I definitely have. That’s why when I was contacted by Tadaku and kindly invited… [ READ MORE ]

Bakeneko (Supernatural cat) Parade, Tokyo 2017

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The annual Bakeneko Parade took place in Tokyo last Sunday 15th of October, and it was purrrrfect! Despite the unpleasant weather, participants and cat lovers from all over the world gathered in this supernatural event where music and meows filled the streets of Kagurazaka. The bakeneko (化け猫, “changed cat”) is a type of Japanese yōkai, or supernatural creature…. [ READ MORE ]

Myorder.Style Review: Tokyo restaurants made easy.

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    Yesterday we went to Alice in a Labyrinth restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo, to test the new MyOrder.Style service! When they approached me I thought they were doing something really helpful. It can come in very handy when you’re visiting Tokyo and you want to easily check menus and restaurants in English beforehand! (Which… [ READ MORE ]